About Becoming A Partner

Partnering with Volunteer Louisiana allows your organization to engage more individuals, expand service output, and have greater impact on the populations you serve. Registration as a partner is free to all nonprofit organizations; however, we do have a few criteria. To register, click the Signup/Registration link in the menu to the left.

Your organization must:

  • Have a verifiable 501(c)3 nonprofit status or be a not-for-profit, public/private school or government organization.
  • Prohibit discrimination in hiring practices or in determining recipients of services based on an individual's race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, or mental or physical disability or any other status prohibited by applicable law
  • Agree to not use volunteers for activities related to political campaigns or religious proselytization

Nonprofit organizations may:

  • Post Service Opportunities on our project calendar and website
  • Recruit and manage volunteers who sigh-up with your organization
  • Verify hours and provide feedback and appreciation directly to your volunteers
  • Recruit skill-based volunteers for specialized needs
  • Store, track and report volunteer hours, contact information and demographics

For more information, please contact Nicholas Auck at: (225) 342-6289 or nauck@crt.la.gov.